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Top 10 Pharma Outsourcing Companies in Europe - 2021


Pharmaceuticals companies across the globe are experiencing a wave of challenges in solving the issues around clinical and operational innovation, voluminous data generation, regulatory compliance, and customer engagement, to name a few. Today, the rise in specialty drugs has complicated both clinical trials and regulatory approvals. Companies in this sector have begun rapid adoption of new technologies such as data analytics that can determine the direction of product development and manage and assess the results of personalized medicine delivery. Thus, companies are constantly revising their business strategy to address multiple challenges and compete in the dynamic pharmaceutical market. Some strategies adopted by companies are in-licensing, outsourcing, reducing the cost of drug discovery, development, manufacturing and sales and marketing. Pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing their manufacturing operations without making any significant capital investment. This allows companies to invest and focus their resources on their core competencies to generate more value.

By leveraging technologies such as data management and analytics, organizations now can turn data into innovative insights accelerating new product development, enabling expansion into new markets, and improving patient outcomes, all while reducing costs and creating a more agile operating model. Developing such an extensive database of clinical information allows researchers to harness a 360-degree view of medical conditions and further shorten the amount of time it takes to diagnose the diseases.

This edition of Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine brings you the “Top 10 Pharma Outsourcing Companies in Europe - 2021.” We present you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled with their services and solutions portfolio. This list aims to bridge the gap between businesses and consulting/service providers that are transforming business processes through their insights and technological prowess.

    Top Pharma Outsourcing Companies in Europe

  • The firm provides robust telehealth solutions using their in-house software catering to the needs of the growing healthcare sector

  • Lamda is a Contract Development Organization with a rich track record of Generic and Generic+ developments

  • Novasep provides cost-effective solutions for the sustainable production of molecules for the life sciences industry. Novasep's unique offering includes process development & contract manufacturing services, to serve the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, and agrochemical industries

  • Olon provides an integrated package of chemical synthesis and biological processing services which partners can rely on to manage their drug manufacturing projects while staying compliant with regulations.Equipped with a global network of manufacturing plants and with several decades of experience in supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, food, chemical and bio-industrial companies, Olon has established its undeniable worth as a reliable outsourcing partner for CDMO services and API generics

  • Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy was brought to the limelight with the sole objective of creating medicines for unmet medical needs in rare and orphan diseases by solving the inherent challenges of biologics manufacturing by incorporating disruptive technologies

  • Offers a unique set of services and solutions as part of its CDMO service offerings to accelerate efficient drug production, manufacturing, and delivery

  • Founded back in November 2001 as a European-focused CRO, Pivotal has the knowledge and experience to provide clients with high-quality services across the entire spectrum and value chain of drug development activities—from start-up to completion of the corresponding final study report. Started on the principle that strategic medical advice and support should be the backbone of all clinical trials, Pivotal has grown to become a trusted adviser and counsellor as well as a doer for delivering maximum value in drug development programs. Pivotal provides a complete portfolio of services that include regulatory affairs and study start-up, clinical trial monitoring and sites/projects management, data management and biostatistics, medical monitoring, PVG Services, quality assurance and auditing, and biotech consultancy

  • QNTM Labs is a a Denmark-based cannabinoid research centre that offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for testing, analysing, and researching medical cannabis products.Unlike other contract research organisations that charge an outrageous amount for broad-level product testing, QNTM has developed their cannabis specific testing methods, enabling organisations to have their products tested in QNTM’s facility dedicated to product development. Once the testing is done, QNTM Labs leverages that testing data to help industry stakeholders make actionable inferences through lab analysis, and help organisations understand their product at a molecular level

  • QPS is a global CRO providing custom-built research services in Neuropharmacology, Toxicology, DMPK, Cell & Gene Therapy, and Pre-clinical & Clinical Drug Development. The unique blend of deep knowledge of QPS experts and the scientific approach taken by them is precisely what distinguishes the company from its counterparts. Unlike others who consider Phase 1/2a as “one of their areas of competencies,” Phase1/2a studies and support services form the core of the QPS Clinical offering. The company offers clinical trials in healthy volunteers, as well in patients diagnosed with AD, PD, T2DM, hypogonadism, and many more. QPS also offers high-end specialized services like brain imaging, continuous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sampling, human mass balance studies, sedation studies, bioanalytical services including method development and validation, data management, statistics, PK/PD and DDI studies, medical writing, clinical monitoring, and study consultancy services

  • Provides an extensive list of services to agrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical markets