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Top 5 Pharma OutSouring Companies in UK - 2021


Beginning with research and ending with final public use approval—drug discovery and development is a long, intricate and costly process for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With the complexity of diseases becoming more evident, it’s increasingly putting pressure on pharma companies to deliver cures for the unmet needs of patients, pushing the drug development costs and impacting the price of medicine for consumers. According to a recent survey, the average R&D expenditures per new drug range from less than €1.12 billion to more than € 2 billion.

As a result, in an effort to alleviate the pressure imposed by lengthy drug discovery timelines and the soaring costs of development, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the UK are increasingly looking to outsource their research and

development. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has further contributed to the surge of outsourcing by necessitating extra capacity and capabilities on a global scale. We are witnessing a trend of strategic outsourcing and diversification to help mitigate costs and protect the business from any bottlenecks that could result from future pandemics. It has become essential to leverage expertise, specialized capabilities, know-how and technologies to help fast-track drug discovery and development processes.

Additionally, in this edition of Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine brings you the “Top 5 Pharma Outsourcing Companies in UK - 2021.” This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled with their services and solutions portfolio, and aimed at bridging the gap between businesses, consulting and service providers that are transforming modern landscape through their insights and technological prowess.

    Top Pharma OutSouring Companies in UK

  • Based out of UK, APIS goes above and beyond in its innovative CRO services to combine highly compliant and cost-effective molecular diagnostic development services. APIS can thus help its clients innovate their IVD devices and the molecular assays at scale. To make the development of new molecular diagnostic devices an easy sailing feat for its clients, APIS offers on-demand diagnostic models for biomarker-based diagnostic assays, targeting oncology, autoimmune diseases, and more. These on-demand models are developed drawing from APIS’s experience in the respective fields.

  • Quotient Sciences is a drug development and manufacturing accelerator providing integrated programs and tailored services across the entire development pathway. Cutting through silos across a range of drug development capabilities, Quotient saves precious time and money in getting drugs to patients. An unswerving belief drives everything it does for its customers that ideas need to become solutions, molecules need to become cures, fast because humanity needs solutions fast

  • Domainex


    Domainex is a fully integrated drug discovery service company based near Cambridge, UK serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and patient foundations globally. Its expertise and commitment to providing high quality services has resulted in a strong success record in drug discovery, delivering an average one candidate drug every year for the past six years. Domainex’s highly experienced molecular, protein, structural and assay biologists plus medicinal, computational and analytical chemists can be leveraged through our CRO services. Domainex’s focus is on providing highly efficient and well considered scientific solutions to enable successful drug discovery programmes against a wide range of drug targets

  • Inceptua Group

    Inceptua Group

    Inceptua is a trusted partner for pharma, biotech and healthcare. The company helps throughout the entire product lifecycle, bridging Clinical Trial Services, Medicines Access, and Commercial Products. Inceptua has both global reach and local presence, offering a personalized approach, providing clients and partners with insights and solutions that help patients worldwide

  • Pharmaforce


    As Contract Sales Outsourcing and recruitment specialists, Pharmaforce offers comprehensive suite of commercial resourcing, recruitment and training solutions to help businesses grow and reach revenue goals. Whether for short, medium, long term campaigns, Pharmaforce provides clients the choice of experienced candidates with proven track records in order to “hire as they require”. The company also partner with business and HR teams to source and match the best talent for headcount roles within an organisation. Pharmaforce are a trusted partner for more than a decade to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies across Ireland